Like, Literally another cooking Blog/vlog?

I read a news article last week that mentioned that “like” and “literally” are being used more than any other words.  

If you cast your eye over You Tube and the WWWeb you will find more cooking blogs and vlogs than you will hear the words ‘like’ and ‘literally’ at a Justin Bieber concert. 

So, like why am I starting another cooking blog/vlog? I hear you ask yourself.

The answer is simple, I think I can help people fall in love with food.  I know that this sounds a tall order, something you’ve heard before. But thinking  of all the colours, flavours, cuisines and textures to be explored and all the endless combinations and recipes; makes me so excited.  

I went to Spain for a trip a few months back and saw my fellow Brits huddled in the shade eating cheese and ham toasties and thought to myself we can do better. We invented the sandwich granted, but it’s time to move on, time to broaden our horizons.

I want to pass that excitement on to others, to inspire, to share a love of food and the skills to turn your boring oven fish and chip Monday into something, well, sexier.  

So welcome to Absolute Foody, welcome to inspiration, to some simple instructions and taste bud tantalising recipes; welcome to like, literally the newest cooking blog in the world.  

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