How To Make Devilishly Dirty Fries

Disclaimer – this recipe and the process of making it are a lot of fun. Set aside an hour, put on your favourite music, fix yourself a drink. Enjoy the process of cooking and eating and I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as we did.

Treat Saturday

We were driving away for the weekend and myself and Jodi discussed what to cook, on what has become known as “Treat Saturday”.

The premise being to eat relatively healthy all week and then on Saturday, throw caution to wind and have some fun. In fact, the fun food aspect was the inspiration behind this blog. Cook with your heart, enjoy the process and all of its delights and then revel in the end product.

Needless to say, Jodi had a glint in her eye before she uttered the magic words “dirty fries”. I nodded with a smile, as a child would when a parent suggests ice cream.

It then dawned on me that this is something I had never cooked before, and after some careful thought; settled on a tantalising recipe; working out how to make dirty fries. Then settling on the basis of using three different types of cheese.

I love the concept of multiple cheeses, purely because it’s devilish and sits superbly with a treat Saturday. Then I thought of how well nachos are smothered and the rest of the recipe practically wrote itself:

Dirty Fries Ingredients

✓ Chips or Fries (300g)

✓ Garlic and Herb Seasoning (1 tablespoon)

✓ Monterey Jack Cheese (125g)

✓ Medium Cheddar Cheese (125g)

✓ Buffalo mozzarella (1 ball)

✓ Jalapeños (handful)

✓ Bacon (4 rashers)

✓ BBQ sauce (4 tablespoons)

✓ 3 x Spring onions

✓ Sour cream to serve (1 Tablespoon)

✓ Sirloin Steak

✓ 2 x Free Range Eggs

✓ Garlic and Herb Seasoning

✓ Olive Oil (good glug)

✓ Salt and Pepper

✓ Chives

The above recipe includes a sirloin steak and a fried egg. A simple and superb combination to sit next to our dirty fries.

The Method

Buffalo Mozzarella has caught me out over the years, leaking water into recipes, acting as a kind of a saboteur of sorts. So beforehand, drain of fluid, wrap in a couple of layers of paper towel and place in a colander – on a plate or bowl. Place something heavy on the top and leave for half an hour or so.

Then it’s time to start chopping. Finely slice the spring onions and chives. Cut the Monterey Jack into cubes and grate the cheddar.

Put the chips in the oven to cook and slice the bacon into thick chunks so it retains its form in the mix.

Once the chips are two thirds cooked take them out and add the bacon and throw back in the over for 10 mins. Then take out and add the seasoning and toss it all together. Then add half the BBQ Sauce. It’s then time for the cheeses – ripping the Mozzarella into smaller chunks and spreading over the chips and bacon; followed by the Cheddar and then the Jack – spread evenly.

Then drizzle the remaining BBQ Sauce, add the Jalapeños, spring onions and chives and put back in the oven on a low heat until the steaks are done.

Season the steak well on both sides with salt and pepper, put a dry pan on the heat and get it smoking hot. Add the oil to the pan and then the steaks frying for approximately 2.5 minutes on each side and then turn on each side for a minute more and rest. This is to get Sirloin steaks medium rare, to caramelise the fats and leave you with a juicy pink middle.

I used to have all of my steak rare, but now tweak this based on the cut of meat. For sirloin, it has to be medium rare. It works so well with the cut.

Turn the heat off the pan and crack two eggs in and let them cook while you get your Dirty fries out of the oven.

Place them on the table and let your guests help themselves, add the egg(s) to the plate with the steak. Table the sour cream to add as required.

After The Meal

I really loved cooking this dish, I think that the blend of the three cheeses worked beautifully together. The cool creamy mozzarella blends beautifully with the middle of the road taste and texture of the Jack and then the richness of the cheddar. It’s nice to get all of the ingredients together and then throw them on the chips.

Make dirty fries as something a little different for a bbq. Or just to treat yourself as required.

Watch On You Tube

To watch a video of this dish being made, please check out our vlog

The finished plate of dirty fries


On a sun drenched American themed weekend camping in Devon, it had to be burgers – and what’s more fun, than stacked burgers?

Absolute Foody

In making stacked burgers, we started our very first vlog on the 4th of July weekend in Devon. The campsite we were staying on had an American themed weekend and we thought, to start off Absolute Foody – it had to be burgers. And what is more fun than stacked burgers.

Principally, burgers have always been a means to an end when made at home, ‘ah throw them on the bbq and drown them in some sauce or other if they are dry’. The idea for the recipe came from a desire to up the respect levels, to treat a burger as you would a prime cut of steak. We partnered with blue cheese, mushrooms and bacon, added garlic and cooked in butter. We let the meat rest a little, we cherished the method, we respected the mighty burger and boy, were we rewarded.

The Ingredients

  • Minced Beef – 6oz or 170 grams
  • 1 medium onion
  • 4 large flat mushrooms
  • Blue Cheese (Blacksticks Blue) 100grams – any good blue cheese will do
  • Garlic – 3 cloves
  • Olive Oil – 2 large glugs
  • Butter – (Lurpak) 3 knobs
  • Parsley – large handful
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Cheese topped baps x 2
  • Lettuce
  • Tomato x 1 (Off the vine)
  • Mayo
  • American Mustard
  • Free range eggs x 2
  • Smoked bacon – Thick cut x 2 rashers

The Method

In a large bowl, add the minced beef, the egg yolks, chopped parsley, onions, half the garlic, slices of butter and season well with salt and pepper.   

Mix well, ideally blending everything (aside from the meat, seasoning and eggs in a food processor before adding to the meat.  If not, (like me on the day I made these) chop as thin as you can and have some fun making them into patties.  

While you have all you chopping kit out, slice the mushrooms, and throw in with any surplus onions and the remaining garlic.  Then chop the cheese up as you like and prepare the lettuce and tomatoes.  This all means you have minimum work to do when your cooking; a huge bonus if your entertaining.

Fast food restaurants make the patties thin for cooking speed, so treasure the fact that you can make yours nice and thick.  But within this thickness comes the challenge of cooking the meat properly and maintaining a juicy and moist burger.   To achieve this I tend to pre-cook the burgers on the lowest setting in the oven for 10 mins and then cook in the pan.  The butter will help to fizz and cook the meat while injecting flavour and keeping the magical moisture.  

If you can, pop the patties in the fridge for a few hours or overnight to allow the flavours to have a little mixer party and get to know one another.  The same applies with everything else you have diced and sliced; just make sure everything is covered and sealed to stop drying out. 

Heat a pan and cook the mushrooms, onions and garlic in some oil and add more if the mushrooms soak up the oil.  Cook until the mushrooms reduce and the the onions and garlic are nice and soft.  Soak in the smell of this mix as there’s nothing quite like the blend of onions and garlic sizzling in a pan. 

Throw the burgers on the BBQ (and close the lid if you have one). If no lid, turn frequently. If your using one pan, like me, then set aside the fried onions, garlic and mushrooms; add a knob of butter and allow to melt then add the burgers.  Cook on one side over a medium heat until the butter begins to fizz, add the bacon and flip over for another 5 mins.  Turn a couple of times until the bacon is cooked and then turn off the heat, adding the mushroom mix and then the cheese.  This will allow everything to remain piping hot while you transfer to where you are building the burgers. 

While the burgers are cooking, prep your buns by cutting open, adding them to the plates ready; lacing with lettuce, sliced tomato, mayo and American mustard.  

Add the burgers to the buns first which allows a little time to rest while everything else comes together.  Then add the mushrooms, bacon and the remaining cheese, serve with the bun open to continue to allow the meat to rest.

Whoever is eating can then have the fun of closing the bun, or eat with a knife and fork; but let’s face it, this meal was meant to be eaten with your hands.  You can finish with a special wooden pick, restaurant style but ensure you add the tomatoes, then sauce, then lettuce and bun to stack without the burger collapsing. 

We had with chunky fries which is clearly the classic combo. 

Enjoy; not just the end product, but the fun of making this meal, the smells, the sounds and above all the taste.  Happy Fourth of July weekend everyone. 

Enjoy; not just the end product, but the fun of making this meal, the smells, the sounds and above all the taste.  Happy Fourth of July weekend everyone. 

Mindful Cooking

If you want to see this recipe being made, please click here to see our you tube channel: 

Check Out The Recipe on You Tube

If you want to see this recipe being made, please click here to see our You Tube channel